Termite control and termite treatment: Handling the silent killers


Termites are silent killers capable of causing immense damage to property. In fact reviews by various entomology departments indicate that the maximum complaints and calls for assistance they receive for pest control pertain to termite control.

The damage caused by termites pervades property, farms, trees, gardens, lawns, books and furniture. These tiny creatures germinate, proliferate and eat into the foundations and the wood structures of the buildings. Termites also appear in various seasons- in spring or in warm and wet season- thereby compounding the challenge posed by them.

Worse still, termites are more dangerous because the damage they wreck becomes visible at a stage when it is usually too late to control. The cancerous creatures into wood eat it and make it hollow from inside, while retaining an almost perfect fašade. It takes highly experienced and qualified termite control and treatment professionals to be able to detect the presence of termites and to devise appropriate strategies to overcome them.

Ensure that the termite control and treatment agency that you hire has an impressive track record in dealing with termites and has the requisite licenses and permits required by various regulatory authorities. This is very important because the agencies use 'termicides' as a part of the treatment process and their quality and use should be according to the stipulations. The number of trained termite treatment personnel and the kind of equipment and infrastructure the agency has should also be key factors in the process of hiring a termite and pest control service provider.

Termite treatment involves the use of liquids and baits. These liquid pesticides are also called termicides and are injected into the foundations, walls and other places of termite infestation. Yet these barriers are effective for a certain time frame because termite colonies, after a gap of time, will eventually encounter an untreated gap in the soil through which they will penetrate.

The traditional method of controlling termites involves applying liquid termicides to the soil. These termicides provide a chemical barrier to prevent the recurrence of the menace for a long time. It is, however, important to point out that these products are more of a repellant rather than lethal.

The second mode of treatment involves the use of non-repellant materials such as Termidor (fipronil), Premise (imidacloprid) and Phantom (chlorfenapyr) to name only a few. This method is considered more reliable.

The third method involves the use of termite monitoring baits to control the termites. Cardboard and paper mixed with lethal substances are effective termite baits. Consumption by the termites leads to their gradual decline and extinction.

F&F Termite & Pest Control Co. provides a complete range of termite control and termite treatment service to overcome all termite related problems. We are a reputed pest and termite control service catering to the needs of residents in New Jersey (NJ), Philadelphia, Washington Township (NJ), Burlington Country, Camden Country and other surrounding areas. If you are looking for a competent, experienced and service oriented pest control service and termite treatment agency, contact us today!

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