Pest Control: Simple steps to effective pest control


You know what a nuisance pests, insects and termites around your house can prove to be. They cause enormous damage in more ways than one - damaging buildings and furniture, contaminating the environment and spreading disease.

Pest control, therefore, is extremely critical and you have to be proactive about it by ensuring that you are taking care of both preventive pest control as well as corrective pest control.

You'd be amazed at how some very simple actions from your end can prevent the advent of pests and termites. Cleanliness and hygiene are obviously key aspects - observe these and you'd taken important steps in keeping your house pest free. Keep your house in general and your kitchen and bathrooms in particular clean. Secure the lids of your trashcans. Keep the gutters clean and do not pile decaying wood in your yard. Also guard your chimney against the intrusion of birds, squirrels and raccoons.

Take special care when you bring in paper boxes or furniture into your house. For all you know, they may be infected with termites or ants, which can be a real pain.

You should be aware that the area, climate, and the weather significantly determine the type of pests that are likely to attack your house, so that you can take appropriate steps. For example, if you are in an area infested with mosquitoes or insects, your pest control strategy should be geared towards those. Or may be, you are more susceptible to rodents and ants. So, prepare for them. Basically, it is important to know the pests that are likely to be the biggest enemies and take the most appropriate steps to tack them.

Get rid of the pest nuisance - cockroaches, ants, insects, termites and others. Avail of our considerable experience in providing a wide range of pest control services and termite treatment packages. You will be glad you did!

Controlling some of the common pests

Termites are extremely dangerous, because they spread like cancer. Subterranean termites can surreptitiously creep in and cause havoc inside and outside your house and incur you huge monetary losses. Termites infest any cellulose-based material, primarily wood, paper, card board, stucco, and even bricks.

To prevent a termite attack, you should be vigilant and regularly walk around , torch the less frequented corners of your house such as the basement, and look for small worm like thin mud tunnels on the wooden structures. Also, look for broken wings and sandy termite droppings.

Cockroaches: Then there are the cockroaches, which many people simply find to be execrable. They are abundant and are among the most common pests. Cleanliness is probably the best means to prevent cockroaches infesting a place; how to control this pest, you can spray any off the shelf cockroach specific insecticide.

Ants: Ants are another family of painful pests that can live anywhere, though they are generally warm weather friends. They live in colonies and build their nests where there is availability of water, food, or wood. Certain powdery baits can kill the ant colonies and help you get rid of ants.

Fleas: Fleas are insect parasites that feed on pets and animals. They prosper in warm and humid conditions. They can even bite human beings and cause itchy redness. It is best to opt for professional pest control help to fight fleas.

Spiders: Though spiders feed on other insects, they may bite human beings and some of them like Black Widows and Brown Recluse can be dangerous as well. Various spider specific insecticides are available in the market and you can spray them in your home to get rid of these insects.

Not withstanding some of the very common, do-it-yourself pest control techniques, it is always advisable and importable to engage a professional pest control service regularly (at least twice a year, if not more) to closely inspect your premises and take appropriate steps to both prevent and protect against all kinds of avoidable pests. Treat pest and termite control like your dental check ups or your insurance; it is always better to be covered in advance.

For all pest control and termite treatment needs in NJ (Camden County, Burlington County, Washington Township and other areas) or Philadelphia contact F & F Termite & Pest Control, your reliable and experienced pest control service.

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