Pest Control Agency: How to choose the right one


Pests can prove to be both harmful and a great nuisance to your health, property and the surrounding environment, while termites eat into the foundations and wooden structures of homes, offices, lawns, gardens and farms causing extensive damage. Therefore, a good pest control agency is imperative and indispensable as other preventive and protective maintenance that you would do. Pest control agencies abound, but it is important to to keep a few things in mind to make an informed choice before you hire the services of a particular agency. The kind of due diligence, which you normally do with selection of any service provider, will hold you in good stead.

Some of the factors that you should consider when evaluating the pest control agency to trust with your home or office are given below:

  • Experience of Pest Control Agency
Inquire about the experience of the pest control agency. How long have they provided these services for ? Do they have certified/licensed pesticide applicators or certified entomologists? This will go a long way in ensuring that you get services from an agency that you will be assured knows what it is doing.
  • Infrastructure & resources:
The pest control agency should have the requisite infrastructure. Apart from qualified, trained, and licensed operators, the contractor should have the necessary vehicles and equipment required for spraying pesticide and fumigation etc. Also, a well-equipped field staff with mobile communication equipment can guide the operators not only in their routine operations, but also in unusual circumstances and emergencies.
  • Keeping up with technicalities:
As the science of pest and termite control evolves, newer and better pest control methods and termite treatment techniques continue to emerge. Does your agency have the wherewithal and inclination to keep itself updated to fight the pest menace and provide cost-effective pest control services without causing any adverse effect to the environment?
  • Transparency & Communication:
Keep in mind that a reputed/reliable pest control agency that is confident of its service quality and competence, will be transparent about the methods (hyperlink to it adopts. Some agencies may feel that this may amount to giving away their trade secrets, yet no amount of dissemination of technical information can convert a layman into an expert. The genuine ones will be ready to provide you with the necessary information and also useful tips to tackle the menace. In fact, some pest control contractors send regular periodicals and newsletters to update the readers about the latest developments in the field of pest control.
  • Credentials/ Testimonials:
There is nothing better than good references; do other people who have used the services of the provider say some thing good about them? Check out some of our testimonials (link to
  • After-treatment service:
Does the pest control agency provide an after- treatment service? This is very important because pest control treatment can prove to be expensive and to get the best out of the deal you need to make sure that the agency remains approachable in case the pest menace or allied problems appear again.
  • Conformance to standards & regulations
Keep in mind that an important aspect of pest control is the use of pesticides/insecticides. These need to be used in a controlled environment and given the risk involved with their use, as a well-informed customer, you should ensure that their quality and use are according to the regulations of the concerned federal agencies. Before choosing a pest control contractor, make sure that they conform to all the requisite standards and regulations.

F&F Termite & Pest Control Co. is a pest control agency serving New Jersey (NJ), Philadelphia, Washigton Township (nj), Burlington country, Camden Country and other surrounding areas. With decades of experience providing quality pest control services, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and excellent customer service we provide. Contact us to discuss your pest and termite control needs.

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